“Laura is helping change how we think about AIP—and people are listening. She is bringing change to the AIP masses, and I love her for it.  This box does not disappoint!”

Salena Schlosser

Calming Autoimmune Life

When doing AIP, you sometimes feel like you’re missing out on what everyone else is doing – you can’t have the eggs, the coffee, the chocolate that your friends and family are gobbling up. Yet getting the Simply AIP box in the mail was such a delight because it was full of goodies that I COULD indulge in. It was like a care package from my AIP-fairy godmother! Also, this isn’t my first time doing AIP, yet I had NO idea that half the things I received even existed. It was a perfect way to try out some new products, some of which are now staples for me. Maybe most importantly though, when you do AIP you sometimes feel a bit isolated and alone, but receiving a box like gives you a little reminder that you aren’t the only one undertaking this journey and you get the motivation to keep going.

Michele Spring

Thriving on Paleo

I’m constantly on the hunt for healthy snacks, so it was a wonderful relief to find a brand that gets it. I love how Simply AIP only includes brands made with truly Paleo ingredients. No icky preservatives or toxins, just real food. Plus, they deliver so many great finds you normally wouldn’t come across at your grocery store. Definitely, recommend anyone who is health-conscious to give them a try.

Charisma Madarang

Paleo Hacks

When you’re following a restrictive/elimination diet like the Autoimmune Protoc, it feels so good to get a box of goodies that you can ACTUALLY have. No more hours in the grocery store wasted reading ingredient labels—YES!

Fit with Dasha

I love the shared stories, advice, up-to-date info, positive and supportive attitude, delicious and easy recipes, and the fabulous, fun, yummy monthly box of all kinds of goodies! Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!

Kathy Winter

Just got our first box and my hubby + I dug right into everything! So awesome to discover new AIP friendly products and get discounts! THANK YOU, Laura! You nailed it!

Julie Ball

Wow! I was blown away when I receive my first box from Simply AIP. As a health care practitioner, I work with many patients who are dealing with inflammation and autoimmune issues. With busy lifestyles, they often find it difficult to identify and shop for items that will best suit their needs and complement their particular situation. AIP can seem overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the protocol.

I am extremely discriminating when it comes to food, and Simply AIP offers outstanding, high-quality items in a convenient and attractive presentation. The food is absolutely delicious!

If you are currently following an AIP protocol, or interested in trying it but perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the transition, Simply AIP is an easy, tasty option to support you with compliant foods that are great at home, or on the go.

You can’t go wrong with Simply AIP! Try it and you absolutely won’t regret it!

Dr. Andrino V. Flevotomos


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