Recipe Credit: Hannah Becker of
Photo Credit: Laura Morrow of Simply AIP


1 pound lean ground turkey (or ground meat of choice)
1 large chopped onion
1 cup chopped celery
2 cloves garlic
sea salt to taste
green onion (for garnish)

For sauce:
¾ cup The New Primal Carrot Ketchup
½ tbsp red wine vinegar or
apple cider vinegar
¾ tbsp molasses
½ tbsp ginger
¼ tbsp cloves



  1. Sauté ground meat in olive oil with sea salt until almost fully cooked.
  2. Add in onion, celery and garlic with a bit more olive oil and sauté until ingredients soften.
  3. Mix all sauce ingredients in a small bowl, then stir into meat mixture.
  4. Cook meat with sauce until mixture comes to a simmer.
  5. Once simmering, lower heat and cook until it thickens to desired consistency (about 5-10 min.).
  6. Pour meat sauce onto sweet potato flatbread “buns” or AIP bagel. Top with green onions if desired