Our Story

Why am I so passionate about helping women with autoimmune conditions?

Because I’m one of you! I know how scary it is to suffer from pain that you can’t explain, to have a body that attacks itself, and to not know where to turn and or have anyone who truly understands.

It all started for me a two and a half years ago after my second son was born. It began small, with pain in my left foot. I was told that it was due to pregnancy hormones—it should go away on its own in a few weeks, or definitely after I quit nursing my son. It didn’t.

Over the next year the pain kept getting worse and spread to my right foot, but I was committed to nursing and just kept telling myself that it would get better once he was weaned.

Nope—the pain got worse and spread to my wrists and forearms.

I woke up one morning with severe pain in both my feet and ankles. My wrists ached and tingled, and my fingers and hands were very stiff. I could barely walk or move my hands. I was hunched over holding on to furniture just to get around. I totally freaked out and did what we probably all did—I googled my symptoms.

And that’s when the reality of what was happening to me really sank in.

I was tested for many things, like lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, Lyme disease, and vitamin D deficiency. All were negative, which was a relief but also frustrating to not know what was wrong. I saw multiple doctors, who identified inflammation in my joints but were not able to recommend anything further than anti-inflammatory drugs. The drugs didn’t help, and I was terrified that this might be my reality for the rest of my life.

Finally, I went to my chiropractor, and my life began to change. On his recommendation, I began the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). After less than four weeks, my constant, excruciating joint pain had been reduced to mild and occasional. During the following months, the other symptoms like, stiffness in my fingers, tingling in my wrists and forearms, fatigue, and brain fog, subsided as well. I did not start AIP as a weight loss diet, but losing 17 pounds (without counting calories) was a nice side benefit of eating healthy, healing foods. My journey of healing is ongoing but I’m hopeful as I have been able to take control of my health and make positive changes.

What inspired me to start Simply AIP?

When my doctor strongly suggested that I start AIP, the number of foods that were restricted was quite overwhelming to me. There was not a single meal that I was eating at the time that didn’t include foods on the “avoid” list. I started googling “AIP Recipes,” but many included strange ingredients, and the suggested AIP meal plans were so far from what my family was eating that they didn’t seem feasible to serve at the dinner table.

The first few days of AIP I felt light-headed and fatigued in the long hours between lunch and dinner. I clearly remember opening the cabinet looking for a quick snack that I could grab on the way to pick up my kids from school. It finally dawned on me that there was not a single thing in there that I could eat—that was not my cabinet anymore. I eventually learned what snacks were appropriate and would give me energy, but the extra time in the kitchen and the limited ability to grab and go was a struggle for me. I thought, “If only someone would just send me things that I can eat, that I don’t have to figure out labels or make myself, life would be so much simpler!”

So I decided that it was up to me to create what I had been searching for. The mission of Simply AIP is to help make life simpler for other women living with an autoimmune condition so that they can focus on healing.

More about our founder

Laura Morrow is a graduate of Duke University with a degree in Psychology. She has extensive experience in marketing, including in the beauty, health, and wellness industries. She has been a small business owner for the last 17 years, and has achieved national recognition for her expertise in sales. When she began suffering from an autoimmune disease in 2017, she began following the Autoimmune Protocol and successfully put her symptoms behind her. However, she identified that there was a distinct need for a business that provided women with the products and support to succeed in sticking with AIP. She launched Simply AIP with the goal of making AIP as simple as possible for women so they can focus on healing.

When she isn’t tracking down delicious treats and fabulous products for next month’s subscription box, Laura spends her time raising two young boys, hosting gatherings with friends, and cheering for the Duke basketball team.

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